когда-нибудь я обязательно это переведу.

"Dark Ace. So glad you could join us."
I was worried that you weren't coming.

Still, logic and reason meant everything for her, and she did not know his reason of betraying his original squadron. She did not see his reason for staying in Cyclonia, with her.

She did not turn to watch him leave. That would be showing weakness, and she was not weak.

He smiled, watching her back. He didn't really care if her little science project with this strange machine worked or not. She was happy, and that was all that mattered.

Just a friendly reminder from her Talon Commander who she held in highest value that he would face death for her.

She was never the sentimental type, but these cards reminder her that she was never alone. She smiled, then placed her card next to the first. In her eyes, Dark Ace was never a failure.

"Dark Ace? Where exactly were you?" She didn't turn him, but he could hear the contempt, the scorn, in her voice. She was mad — she had thought he had left her, for good, without an explanation. Now that he was back, he was going to pay for making her worry over nothing.

"I'm sorry," she said softly. "I guess I kind of ruined the surprise." She replaced the crystals into his satchel, then walked down next to him. Wordlessly, she offered them back.
He placed a warm hand over hers, pushing her arms, satchel and all , back into her chest. "Happy Birthday, Master."
She smiled gingerly. "Thank you, Dark Ace."

So she sat there, alone, lost in her whirlwind of emotions. Mad, worried, guilty, upset, sad, depressed, touched, amazed, happy... there were so many things to feel, and she was so new to this; it was rare that anyone got through the protective armor around her heart and actually got a real response from her.

She was losing this battle.

He didn't need to speak; the symbolism was apparent. He was offering her his heart.

"It took you a while," she admitted. "I was worried that you would never come to me."
"My problem now is staying away from you," he teased.
"I could live with that," she replied.

Lark Cyclonis did not believe in fate.
Believing in fate would mean believing that someone other than her controlled her life. Believing in fate would mean admitting a lack of control.
There were so many possibilities for the future.

They could end up together, ruling side by side over a conquered Atmos.
They could end up together, facing the Sky Knight Council, facing public execution.
They could end up together, on the run, hunted like animals for the rest of their days.
One of them could end up dead.
She could kill him.
He could kill her.

Victory, defeat, tragedy — the possibilities were endless. The future was uncertain. She didn't like uncertainty.

She didn't have any Tarot cards, but she still had a deck of regular cards. She laid them all out, face down, four rows of thirteen.

She felt a shiver of foreboding run down her spine. Did she really want to know the future? Who said these cards meant anything in the first place?

Slowly, she picked one, flipped it up. In was Ace of Hearts.

Her lips curled up into a slow smile.

It took her a little while to realize that he was kissing her.
This wasn't what she wanted, was it? It meant that she had grown attached to him. Attachment was a sign of weakness. Weakness means losing.
Love was a sentimental lie for those bored with their lives and nothing better to do. Like all lies, it fell apart. It was only a matter of time.
Yet while her mind was pondering, confused, her lips were kissing him back.
She was losing this battle. She felt the bitter defeat.
At the same time, his lips tasted sweet. He tasted like victory.

"I love you, Lark Cyclonis, to the Far Side of Atmos and back. I love you so much that it's tearing me apart inside, and I can no longer distinguish reality from fantasy. All I know is that my feelings for you will never change."